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Western students sponsored by Ontario Genomics & Forest City SynBio to

launch startup

Ontario Genomics has awarded its inaugural Synthetic Biology Training Award to three Western University undergraduates. Along with sponsorship from Forest City SynBio, the funding will allow the students to...

Forest City SynBio enables Londoners to invest in synthetic biology startup hub

LONDON, Ontario – Forest City SynBio Inc. (“FCSB”) launched its second equity crowdfunding round this April allowing Londoners to become part-owners of the London...

The Western Fair partners with Forest City SynBio to build biotech startup hub

London, Ontario – June 29, 2021 – Forest City SynBio Inc. (“FCSB”) partners with the Western Fair Association to build a 7,000-sf synthetic biology startup accelerator within The Grove, set to open doors early 2022...

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