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Founder Network


It's a new era for biotechnology innovation. The floodgates of opportunity are wide open. The types of ventures and the founders building them are changing at breakneck speed, but one thing doesn't change:


It takes a village.

Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with like-minded peers who challenge them, push them and feed off of each other's successes.

With the right people around you, opportunities become boundless.

Meet like-minded peers, seasoned mentors, and potential investors, and access resources to help you get ahead. We're building Canada's premiere community for synthetic biology startup founders.

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Join FCSB's Founder Network to:

  • Expand your network

  • Access a library of resources

  • Learn from experienced founders

  • Build confidence as a founder 

  • Know where to start

A group of diverse proffesionals huddled together looking at a laptop

Join our community of synbio startup founders

You Don't have to go it alone.

Building a startup doesn't have to be lonesome. Our Founder Network is a place for those brave biologists designing living solutions to the world's challenges.

Building something from the ground up is always hard, let alone a biology startup.

There's no instruction manual and no single right answer to your challenges.

Luckily, you don't have to go it alone. We're building a community of synthetic biology startup entrepreneurs, new & old. Surround yourself with peers and mentors to access a wealth of experience, knowledge, and connections.

FCSB's Founder Network is for you if


You have a great idea but don't know where to start


You're looking to take the next step in your journey


You're looking for mentors to help you work through challenges & opportunities


You feel like it's just you against the world


You want resources to help you save time, move faster, and grow smarter


You want someone in your corner to share your struggles & celebrations

Resources at your fingertips.

Organisms and organizations. Synthetic biology startup founders learn to build two of the most complex systems imaginable.

It's okay not to have all of the answers. No entrepreneur does.

At FCSB's Founder Network, we're building a growing library of resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Educational materials, time-saving tools, templates, and guidelines to help you navigate your journey as a founder.

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