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The future is full of life.

The technology of the future is all around us. Biology is the most powerful tech on the planet. Now we can use it to solve the biggest challenges we face.


From the food we eat and the materials we use to the ways we treat disease, synthetic biology is changing every aspect of our lives.


Around the world, synthetic biology is being put to the task of feeding the world, growing the things we need, fighting climate change, and improving life for all.​

A green forest arial view


of human-made GHG emissions can be eliminated by 2040 


Fabric Detail


of physical products can be produced biologically

up to

Close up of  an Organic Home Garden


faster than robotics

Global market growing

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We're here for the founders.

At the forefront of this revolution are the startups creating solutions using biology. Forest City SynBio was created to help founders bring their ideas to life.


Building any company is hard, but building a synthetic biology startup is a special kind of hard. We help founders & aspiring entrepreneurs get ahead with community, mentorship, and resources.

Over the years we’ve built a network and a suite of resources to help you get ahead. We’re here to help you work through challenges and create opportunities to grow both yourself and your venture.

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