First came Silicon Valley.
Then came Forest City SYNBIO.

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our vision

Heal our planet from the past, improve people’s lives in the present, and create hope for the future by harnessing the power of synthetic biology. 

Our mission

Empower entrepreneurs to use synthetic biology to solve the world's most important problems. 


The next major evolution in the way we live starts here. Forest City SynBio is a home for groundbreaking startups to develop new ways of making the world more sustainable through breakthrough applications of synthetic biology. And it’s happening right here, in the heart of Canada’s centre for medical and agricultural science.


As an investor or a startup founder, join Forest City SynBio at the forefront of changing the way we live. 

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The challenges we face in building a sustainable future won’t be solved with yesterday’s tools. The power of synthetic biology can be tapped to use life to improve life itself, but founders in Canada and around the world can’t develop these tools and solutions alone.

Forest City SynBio can help. In collaboration with public and private stakeholders, academic partners, and a network of experienced synbio enthusiasts, Forest City SynBio aims to kickstart the biorevolution here in Canada. To do it, we empower the entrepreneurs driving commercialization of synbio to change the way we live for the better.

With life improved by life, we’ll design a better future. 




Growing Canada's

our sTORY

We need the products of synbio to create a better, healthier, and more sustainable world - and we need them yesterday.


Today, FCSB has brought together stakeholders from coast-to-coast to imagine more than a future for synbio startups, but a home and a community right here in Canada. 

The seeds for FCSB’s accelerator were planted in 2018 when Samir pitched to Canada’s synbio community leaders with a call to action: let’s invest in 10 startups by the end of 2021. A dozen expert advisors, over 30 passionate volunteers, and the perfect co-founder later, the foundations for a world-class bioinnovation hub were in place.



FCSB was born from a recognition that those entrepreneurs need the right support. Without it, Canada’s passionate founders will take their ideas abroad or worse, never get their ideas off the ground. To ensure the bioeconomy can thrive in Canada it will need the support of a strong entrepreneurial community.



Samir and Shea were brought together by a shared sense of responsibility to accelerate the promise of synthetic biology and the understanding that we’re counting on entrepreneurs to create the products of synbio.  

In April 2022, FCSB’s lab opens for innovation in Southwestern Ontario. A major milestone for Forest City SynBio and for the future of Canada’s bioeconomy. 

Founder, Forest City SynBio
Business London 20 in their 20s  
Vice President, SynBio Canada  
H.B.Sc. in Genetics & Biochemistry  
Ph.D. Candidate (Synthetic Biology), Western University 
Vanier Scholar & Graduate Student Innovation Scholar, Western University
B.Sc. Genetics Western University  
Former Biotechnology & Pharma Consultant at Arroscience  
iGEM EPIC startup mentor
Former BD Associate at Axiom Real-Time Metrics  
MBA Candidate (Entrepreneurship), AIB
Shea Tough
Founder, Forest City SynBio

our supporters 

A huge thank you to our supporters who are helping create a greener and more sustainable future powered by entrepreneurs!