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fcsb is Bringing the biorevolution to Canada

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We're bringing together stakeholders from coast to coast to make the world a more sustainable place.


You can invest in what’s been done. Or you can invest in what’s possible with Canada’s first private accelerator program specializing in synthetic biology. 

Synthetic biology is the have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too technology, estimated to generate $4 trillion in annual economic impact AND reduce human greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 10%. Applications include:

  • Real animal products like milk, honey, eggs, and even meat, without having to raise or harm a single animal

  • Natural plant products like rubber, cannabinoids, flavours, and fragrances without the plants - saving enormous amounts of land and water

  • Chemicals and materials like polyester, collagen, and biodegradable plastics produced from food waste instead of fossil fuels

  • High-value products like pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements made from carbon dioxide using algae and sunlight

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Investing in ideas
that redefine doable.

in 2022, the world
is banking on synbio. 

In 2021, synthetic biology projects saw $18 billion in capital investments and

2022 is predicted to be a record year for synthetic biology investment. 

The last quarter of 2021 saw the biggest influx of investments into agriculture and sustainable food companies, which surpassed total investments made in health and medicine in Q4.


At this rate, the global economic impact of synbio is expected

to be worth 2 to 4 trillion dollars by 2030 (McKinsey Global Institute, The Bio Revolution 2020).

As an investor, your opportunity to join is here. Be a part of growing the Canadian technology sector alongside companies poised to reshape global industries for a better and more sustainable future.  

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Growing an industry

and your portfolio. 

Investing in Canada’s burgeoning bioeconomy with Forest City SynBio offers investors equity in a VC fund, and diversifies your portfolio through cutting-edge synbio companies. 

Our investors get first notification of potential equity opportunities in Forest City SynBio alum ventures.

You don’t have to be an expert investor to stake your claim in the booming bioeconomy. Forest City SynBio is committed to making investment in the future more accessible by giving everyday people the opportunity to invest in high-impact and high-growth companies. 

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