Investing in ideas
that redefine doable.

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You can invest in what’s been done. Or you can invest in what’s possible with Canada’s first private accelerator program specializing in synthetic biology. 

Synthetic biology gives us the ability to read, write and reinvent genetic code. Giving humankind an entirely new set of tools to combat planetary issues in sustainability, medicine, agriculture and more. Forest City SynBio provides synthetic biology startups the resources, facilities and network they need to turn London, Ontario into a global hub for synbio innovation.

in 2021, the world

is banking on synbio. 

In 2020, synthetic biology projects saw $7.8 billion in capital investments and

2021 is predicted to be a record year for synthetic biology investment. The first quarter of 2021 more than quadrupled Q1 records for synbio investment

set in 2020 and is already ten times higher than Q1 investments from only

four years ago.


At this rate, the global economic impact of synbio is expected

to be worth 2 to 4 trillion dollars by 2030 (McKinsey Global Institute, The Bio Revolution 2020).

As an investor, your opportunity to join is here. Be a part of growing the Canadian technology sector alongside companies poised to reshape global industries for a better and more sustainable future.  

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Growing an industry

and your portfolio. 

Investing in Canada’s burgeoning bioeconomy with Forest City SynBio offers investors equity in a VC fund, and diversifies your portfolio through cutting-edge synbio companies. 

Your investment benefits from short-term liquidity on a secondary blockchain market and long-term return on investment.

Our investors get first notification of potential equity opportunities in Forest City SynBio alum ventures.



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You don’t have to be an expert investor to stake your claim in the booming bioeconomy. Forest City SynBio is committed to making investment in the future more accessible by giving everyday people the opportunity to invest in high-impact and high-growth companies. 

Investing through Backers, you get the benefits of traditional private equity with the protection of blockchain technology, giving everyday investors the same opportunity as any angel investor.