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There’s no such thing as business as usual, when the world looks more unusual every day. We need companies like yours poised to harness the potential of entirely new tools to build entirely new solutions.

Those tools are breakthroughs in synthetic biology, and with them we can feed, heal and fuel a sustainable future in ways the world has never seen.

Bring your idea to life

Forest City SynBio is officially opening its application to innovators and startups from around the world.  

Here in Canada’s epicentre of agricultural, food, and manufacturing industries your company will benefit from London, Ontario’s booming entrepreneurial community and life-science powered business ecosystem.  

Forest City SynBio headquarters are located in The Grove: a 100,000ft² agri-food and tech business centre operated by the Western Fair District — an agricultural society as old as Canada itself. 

Forest City SynBio provides a one-stop-shop for early-stage synbio startups with access to the resources, tools, test markets and talent pools they need to succeed. 


lab space


We are looking for scientists and entrepreneurs who are ready to solve the world's biggest problems using biology. Sound like you?

We are excited to announce the opening of our new incubator lab located in the agricultural hub of Guelph, Ontario in collaboration with Innovation Guelph!

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founder network


Life sciences founders & aspiring founders alike are invited to join our Founder Network for access to a peer community and learning hub full of resources.

   Founders can subscribe to a tier-based 

   program offering many great perks!


   See the table below for a breakdown


The Founder Network will officially open for

registration May 2022.

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pre-accelerator program


Are you a synbio or life sciences founder looking for pre-seed capital and support to get your company off the ground? FCSB’s pre-accelerator program offers $100,000 in investment (cash & in-kind) to help you build your proof-of-concept and turn your idea into a viable business plan.

Our pre-accelerator program is designed to prepare founders for success in applying to later startup accelerators in Canada and beyond. You will have access to mentors, investors, coaching, pitch training, and funding to get your startup to the next level.

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